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Summer in Klåva

The summer in the archipelago is the dream of many. Bathing in the sea, sunbathing on the rocks, eating fresh shellfish on bagebrö wheat-bread. Stroll around the harbour and watch the fishing boats landing.

West Sweden Roadtrip

Taylor & Anna Exploring The Archipelago

The American couple Taylor & Anna and their two sweet kids visit Hönö on their roadtrip West in Sweden. Sharing what to do, eat, and see in this West Sweden travel vlog.

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Hönö’s best swimming spots

  • Klåva Fyr⁠ – Bathing from rocks with a ladder⁠
  • Jungfruviken⁠ – Bathing bridge, beach, large lawn and bathing from rocks⁠
  • Lapposand⁠ – Bathing bridge, beach and bathing from rocks⁠
  • Hästen⁠ – Bathing bridge, beach and bathing from rocks⁠
  • Sandvik⁠ – Beach and bathing from rocks⁠

Discover the islands by bike

Bike over the bridges from Fotö to Hälsö, perhaps take the ferry over to the Northern Islands or Kalvsund, Björkö and Grötö.

There are cycle paths all the way from Gothenburg out to the archipelago.

Bring your own bike or rent on the islands.

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

The Gothenburg archipelago trail

The Gothenburg archipelago trail, a part of the coastal trail, is a continuous hiking trail of 27 km and three stages, which stretches from Burö in the north, via Öckerö and Hönö, to Fotö in the south.

Book a hotel package and get a picnic basket to bring along, with tasty sandwiches, snacks and hot coffee or tea in a thermos.

Paddle a sea kayak or SUP

Hönö is perfect for water activities. Bring your sea kayak or SUP and paddle along by the coast on a still day.

havskajak hono
Video: Copyright Steampipe Production Studio
Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Sauna in the Gothenburg archipelago

Book a sauna and swim in the sea, all year round!

Find checkpoints in the archipelago of Gothenburg

Mars 28 – December 31

59 checkpoints have been placed on the islands of Björkö, Hönö, Brännö, Styrsö, Donsö and Vrångö. Find them with a physical map or by the App ‘Hittaut’, which can be downloaded free.

The physical map is available at the Tourist Office in Gothenburg, InfoPoints in the archipelago and Öckerö municipality building, or at

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Adventure at sea

Join Kastor Boat Trips out at sea and enjoy the archipelago.


Vinga Island

Follow along on a boat trip from Hönö that will show you the beautiful archipelago of Gothenburg.


Seal safari

Seal safari in Gothenburg for the whole family. One hour Carpe Diem tour in a beautiful archipelago with a good chance to see a seal.

HonoKlava_2202 (1)

Fishing trip

The sea outside of Hönö is full of fish and seafood. Bring your family on an exciting boat trip with mackerel, crab, or deep-sea fishing.

Catching crabs

Children’s favourite! Catch crabs from the jetty and compete with your friends to see who can get the most.

Foto: Christer Olofsson

Foto: Christer Olofsson

Foto: Aussie Johnny

Foto: Aussie Johnny

Mackerel fishing

Mackerel fishing is something that suits all ages, young and old. Sometimes they grab one by one, but sometimes a huge shoal comes and there are mackerel on every hook.

Picnic on fresh prawns from the fish shop

Treat yourself to a bag of fresh prawns from Klåva’s fish shop and settle down on the nearest rock with a view out over the Vinga archipelago. Sometimes less is more.

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Foto: Angelica Sörquist | Studio Isla

Foto: Angelica Sörquist | Studio Isla

Klåva guest harbor

Plan a staycation and visit Klåva guest harbour with your boat, or a camping pitch with your motorhome. Wake up to an outstanding view.

Bouldering in Ersdalen

Ersdalen Nature Reserve on Hönö’s north-western side is popular both for long walks on the rocks and bouldering of various difficulty levels.

Beautifully situated right by the water, an extraordinary climbing experience is on offer. Bouldering is a form of fee-climbing done over small rocky formations without the use of ropes or harnesses.

In addition to Hönö one can also climb on Ökerö, including Rävholmen, Fotö and Hälsö.

Foto: Anders Wester för

Foto: Anders Wester för

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Visit the Fishing Museum

In Klåva’s Fishing Museum you can see what the boats used to look like, where they were built and how the fishing was done historically with various tools.

Enjoy ice cream

If you love ice cream, Klåva ice cream cafe Check In is a must. With around twenty different scoop ice cream flavors, soft ice cream with sprinkles and popsicle sticks. In addition, a shrimp sandwich on bagel bread and a well-prepared lunch are served.

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Foto: Jonas Ingman, Bruksbild

Prawn sandwiches on genuine Bagebrö wheat-bread

A must when you visit Klåva is to eat a really good prawn sandwich, preferably made with Hönökaka bread. On the islands the local bread is called bagebrö and is baked in cellars and by local associations.

It is easy to get a good prawn sandwich down in Klåva.

Hönö Klåva all year round

Around 20 shops, restaurants, accommodation and activity companies work throughout the year to create an attractive destination for you.


Eat and drink well with loved ones when the outdoor seating opens for the year


Take a look at spring news in Klåva’s shops


Stay overnight and wake up in the archipelago